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Child Counselling and Behavioural Therapy

It can be so difficult and disheartening to see your child upset.
You may find that it can be very challenging to get them to open up about their problems, making it tricky to know where to turn or what to do. With the right support and guidance through child counselling and therapy sessions, together we can make a difference and work to improve the stressful situations and the overall quality of life, not only for your child, but for yourself.

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Supporting Families With Child Therapy and Counselling In Mansfield, Ashfield and Nottinghamshire

Children come to therapy with a wide range of issues from abandonment, neglect, abuse, bullying and problems with friends or family dynamics. The stress a child can go through at such a young age can have a massive impact on their emotional development as they get older. In many instances, the foundations of depression, anxiety and lack of self-worth can be traced back to childhood issues and that’s why it’s vital to try and combat these at a young age to reduce the detrimental effect childhood trauma can have on future mental health.

A Safe, Friendly environment

Working with children is, of course, very different from working with adults. Every child is unique and at a different stage in their journey through life and development. That’s why I have an array of items and toys, which allows the child to feel at ease and express themselves in a safe, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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Over 15 years experience

Over the years, my experience working with young people has enabled me to develop the skills needed to help them increase their sense of self-worth and confidence; to show them that they matter and that they can rely on me for the support they need to combat the difficulties they face, whatever the situation.

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Together We Can

As children express their world through play, I enable them to open up and express themselves effectively. Parents/guardians sign a consent form before the first session and are fully briefed on all issues of confidentiality, safeguarding, disclosures, boundaries, time, and the effects that therapy may have upon the child including possible emotional, behavioural or withdrawal.

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Due to high demand, I no longer have any immediate appointments available for children. Waiting times for evening sessions are currently around 3 months. However, I can accommodate people able to attend daytime sessions. if you get in touch and require an afternoon or evening session, I can add you to the waiting list and contact you when appointment times become available.

I also work closely with local counsellors and offer a referral service. If you consent to be referred, simply choose the option below and I will pass your query on to one of three trusted counsellors I work with within the Mansfield and Ashfield area.

    Please be mindful when considering if you will be able to attend a scheduled session. We have recently had an increase in clients not attending sessions or cancelling a session with only a few hours' notice. We understand that schedules can change, but unless a 48-hour notice period is given when cancelling an appointment, clients will be charged for the session.

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