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Self-Esteem and Image Counselling

It is my passion to help people feel good about themselves and improve their self-esteem. Everyone has the right to be cared for, valued and respected. Together, we can help improve your situation by helping build and restore your self-worth, enabling yourself to grow and develop positively in a safe, confidential environment.

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Helping To Build Self-Esteem and Confidence In Mansfield, Ashfield and Nottinghamshire

Low self-esteem leads us to form irrational dysfunctional patterns, if we have constantly been told that we are not good enough, stupid and worthless, we will start to believe this and it’s through lack of self-belief that these feelings are able to subdue any form of positive thinking. Our self-esteem must not be confused with ego. Believing in yourself is fundamental to creating a healthy mindset.

Restore Self Confidence

If anything has affected your self-esteem for a long time then this could lead to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. That’s why it’s important that you get help and talk about things with someone you can trust.

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Reach Your Potential

Is your lack of confidence holding you back? If you’ve found this website, you’re already on the right path to making a positive change in your life, as you’ve acknowledged there is a problem. Together we can overcome your adversity

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Together We Can

Our internal thought process can be like trying to process 3 or 4 conversations all at the same time. Therapy can help us process and make sense of these conversations individually, managing our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. One of the most destructive aspects of anxiety and low self-esteem is not what we think about ourselves, but what we think others think of ourselves.

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    Please be mindful when considering if you will be able to attend a scheduled session. We have recently had an increase in clients not attending sessions or cancelling a session with only a few hours' notice. We understand that schedules can change, but unless a 48-hour notice period is given when cancelling an appointment, clients will be charged for the session.

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