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counselling for depression and anxiety

Anxiety can have a ripple effect. It may start off small but can quickly escalate, quickly building up and spiralling out of control. Stress builds to anxiety and can affect our ability to think straight. It’s these thoughts that act as a catalyst and activate negative feelings. These feelings, in turn, activate our belief system and it’s our belief systems that trigger and stimulate our behaviour.

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Depression and Anxiety Therapy In Mansfield, Ashfield and Nottinghamshire

I often get asked what anxiety is. Or am I depressed? And even what actually the signs and symptoms of depression are. The truth is that the trigger points can be different for everyone, but the effects can be equally as debilitating. Through therapeutic counselling and a humanistic approach to problem-solving, I can help you with the battle by providing you with the tools needed to embark on a path to a more positive mental outlook. Don’t forget, you’re not alone.


Depression can take on many forms, from bipolar, to postnatal. The fact remains that depression in any guise can be debilitating and can affect you physically as well as mentally. You may have an overwhelming feeling of worthlessness, feel very lethargic and even find it almost impossible to control negative thoughts. If you’re experiencing any of the above, then it’s time to find help.

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Although you can experience similar symptoms, anxiety is different to depression and the treatment of both can differ. Severe anxiety can lead to panic attacks, sweats and may also trigger shaking and an overwhelming nauseous feeling in your stomach. Don’t fight anxiety on your own. Seek help and talk about your problems with someone you can trust.

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Together We Can

In many cases, people suffering from anxiety will find that they can develop depression as a result of having to battle with the acute side-effects anxiety can bring. Medication is available to treat the symptoms, but depression and anxiety should also be tackled through therapy. Don’t forget, Help is available and you don’t have to go through these dark periods on your own. Get in touch today, for a free no-obligation consultation.

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    Please be mindful when considering if you will be able to attend a scheduled session. We have recently had an increase in clients not attending sessions or cancelling a session with only a few hours' notice. We understand that schedules can change, but unless a 48-hour notice period is given when cancelling an appointment, clients will be charged for the session.

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